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1. At Medicallbox we are committed to protecting your privacy as a patient and as a visitor to this website, by anyone other than personal, is a person third parties, unless they participate in the provision of services offered. We accept in writing the receipt, processing and use of personal data in order to communicate with our specialists, ensuring that the treatment provided is in accordance with your wishes and needs. We will only use the personal information you choose to communicate for the purposes specified at the time of collection.

2. We provide services of renowned specialists, members of different Colombian medical societies, to enter a verification of their interest to all societies, eg: Colombian Society of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery (SCCP) Has available to The public information about its specialists attached to www.cirugiaplastica.org.co.

3. Opinions and comments, photographic proposals, prices expressed and consigned, are considered imprecise. These are subject to change because of the impossibility of establishing their new physical or anatomical conditions, according to our specialists. The exact prices are confirmed until the first appointment directly with the specialist, otherwise there is no exact.

4. As a company specializing in the intermediation of medical services in Colombia, we provide integral logistics services for the facilitation and implementation of your medical treatment in the country under the guidance of the appropriate medical staff, hospital headquarters, lodging, post-surgical care , Medical insurance and other services that you require.

5. MEDICALLBOX no advice, diagnosis or medical treatment, the information provided on our site is intended to supplement, not replace, the relationship between patient and doctor.

6. MEDICALLBOX offers the best prices in high quality plastic surgery. As a marketing company, we provide a value-added service, organizing your medical trip with professional advice and care.

7. Patients from the United States, Chile, Panama and Spain need to establish telephone or electronic communication with our medical staff prior to commencing a trip. The submitted photographic proposals lack accuracy and serve the function of guiding but not ensuring.

A good result is our priority.

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